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1.    Products

To serve the high end customers, Mitech has developed itself and its sub-suppliers over the years to become specialist on both high standard surface treatment and tight 

tolerance requirement products.  Our assembling products consist of parts from plastic 

injection, aluminum die casting, stamping, cold heading, leather, foil to machining 

metal parts like stainless steel, steel, brass and aluminum, etc.


2.    Surface Treatment

Our delivered parts have different kind of surface treatment such as chrome, anodizing, 

painting, zinc coating, flocking and trovalization.  All these surface treatments are in 

accordance to the different customer requirement such as Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes Benz. 


3.    In house process

i.     Milling

Mitech is a milling company who has different types of CNC and engraving machines.  We have line cutting machines for parts which are not able to be stamped.  To meet the high customer requirement, we developed our own welding technique controlled by high precision fixtures, polishing close to mirror surface and trovalization process – a process which polishes metal parts close to chrome surface.

ii.     Assembling

Mitech also specializes on assembling high quality car accessories such as folding tables and middle arm rest.  We have facilities to do gluing of two different materials, leather and foil lamination and final assembly.


4.    Quality

Mitech was ISO certified since 2011 but our quality system is running under the TS16949 

principal.  Since 2010, our main products were also certified with CCC.  In 2012, Mitech sets the corporate standard for the folding table for cars with Jiangsu Government.  Mitech is equipped with 3D measurement machine and magnify device for measuring surface faults.  


5.   Design and Engineering

Mitech works with design and engineering partner, EK Design (Taicang) Company Limited ( whose sitting in the same location to assist customer design and develop new products from idea to CAD image, from prototype to final mass production.  We provide qualified service in project and quality management.  We are “International Partners For Global Projects”.   

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